Best Wedding Songs for A New Bride

Make your bride’s symbolic walk down the aisle as meaningful as possible with this list of wedding songs. Choose the song that best depicts your feelings for your new bride.

Meaningful Songs for A New Bride

Have you already got down on one knee and popped the question to your new bride? If she said yes, then you might be wondering how to make the most out of this amazing moment shared between the two of you.
Keep in mind that weddings are, without a doubt, one of the most complicated events to prepare for. Creating a ceremony that’s as perfect as possible requires time and effort from the groom, the bride, families, and friends. One aspect that carries enormous weight is choosing the right entrance song for your new bride to walk down the aisle to.
Choosing the perfect song for your bride at that powerful moment is a thoughtful act of love. She will certainly appreciate it if you’re able to find a song that captures the beauty of your relationship and your true emotions for her. Finding that perfect song can be stressful, however, especially if you have a foreign bride who comes from a different culture.
To help you narrow down your search (and impress your would-be foreign wife), here are some of the best wedding entrance songs. These tunes are guaranteed to make your bride’s symbolic walk down the aisle as moving and memorable as possible:
A new bride A beautiful new foreign bride with her unique blue bouquet[/caption]
This song is best for foreign women from the Philippines since it was written and performed by a Filipino singer-songwriter, Rizza Cabrera. It was originally written for the wedding of a popular Filipino celebrity couple. This song expresses unconditional, fervent love between the couple --- no matter the circumstances. This song embodies what single Filipino women from the Philippines believe, that unconditional love will carry you through the trials of your relationship.
  1. Turning Page by Sleeping at Last (2011)
Written for a blockbuster Hollywood romantic film, this song gained popularity after the movie exploded at the box office. This song is perfect for Chinese brides since the message of the song is really about destiny and fate.
Chinese culture is known for widespread belief in abstract forces that supposedly predetermine our fate. They believe that destiny brings lovers together, and this song by the group Sleeping at Last is about just that.
  1. Beautiful in White by Shane Filan (2017)
This is a very popular song for weddings as the story behind the lyrics is a profound and moving one. It’s all about a man who declares his timeless love and ceaseless affection for his bride who - as the title suggests - looks beautiful in a white wedding dress.
This song may be especially meaningful for Kiev brides since it puts emphasis on a true love that can never be separated by time or circumstances. Foreign brides from Kiev traditionally believe that marriage is the way to achieve a lifetime of love and companionship.
  1. Born for You by David Pomeranz (2016)
This song is another masterpiece from singer-songwriter David Pomeranz and has become exceedingly popular around the world. This song expresses that, in a world of 7.7 billion people, there’s someone out there who was born just for you and is your destiny.
This is a wedding song that would fit perfectly with the loving sensibilities of Peruvian women. They believe that finding love isn’t just mere happenstance, but a concrete manifestation of destiny.
  1. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran (2014)
Arguably the most popular wedding song of the 21st century, Thinking Out Loud was popularized by British, Grammy award-winning, singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran.  This song contains a promise of everlasting love with lyrics stating that love can and must stand the test of time.
If a foreign bride from Bangkok were to hear this song as she walks down the aisle to her husband, you can expect tears. These women have a very romantic and fairytale-like idea of love. They believe that even when you’re old and gray, your love for each other should never waiver.
  1. Marry Me by Train (2010)
Despite being released in 2010, this song continues to be a hit even until today. The title alone sums up the message and emotional content of this tune.
The lyrics are about love at first sight and a man’s unrelenting desire to be with his bride, for as long as time allows. If you and your foreign fiancé’s love story relates to this message, then this could be the song playing in the background, as she officially becomes your foreign wife.
  1. Through the Years by Kenny Rogers (1981)
This is a timeless masterpiece by the musical legend Kenny Rogers. Despite being released decades ago, the message and melody never seem to go out of style.
This song talks about an unwavering love that - just like the song itself - has stood the test of time. Any bride who takes to the aisle to meet her destiny while this song plays will surely be moved to tears, as the deeply meaningful words and hauntingly sweet tones float over the venue.
The moment when a single foreign woman treads down the aisle to become a new bride is one of, if not the most, symbolic part of a wedding ceremony. These are her final moments as a single woman, which she is relinquishing for a lifetime with you. Choose a melody that will define this important moment and your lives together. Take the time to choose from among these songs and make your bride’s walk down the aisle a walk to remember.


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