The Questions Of Love


LOVE — a four-letter word that most of us find difficult to define and, sometimes, comprehend. It makes us do certain things that are oftentimes unexpected. It brings out the best in us, but it can also bring out the worst. It can be both a dream and a nightmare for someone. This is how confusing love is, yet we cannot help ourselves but to fall in love over and over amidst all the confusions.
True enough, love is beautiful yet it puts us into uncertainties and doubts which then result to confusions in the process. Whether you choose to love someone within your local borders, or date fiercely beautiful Russian women and highly-hospitable Ukrainian women, you have to analyze your decisions and actions thoroughly since love is not a joke. With this, it is inevitable that questions would linger in our minds. In the long run, these questions will help us determine the right decisions to make. Here are few of the questions of love we commonly encounter:

  • Is this love?
This is usually the first thing we ask ourselves. We are quite unsure of what we feel or whether we are feeling something, or maybe, we just got used to having the person around us. Being happy with the person’s company cannot usually determine the answer as what most of us have misconception about. To answer this question in our minds, we usually imagine ourselves whether our life would be the same without the person or not and whether we will be the same without the person. We may be happy having the person around, but try to think if you could have the same happiness regardless of that person’s presence in your life. If you can’t lose that person, then you already know the answer.

  • Why did I fall in love?
After affirming what you really feel, you might be left wondering how it all happened, and how you ended up falling for that certain individual. Usually, this will not give you an answer because love is not something you can determine through a single aspect. If you say you love her because she’s beautiful, then it’s quite a shallow reason of feeling so. Loving means accepting the totality of the person, including her flaws. This is actually one of the reasons why love is such an unexplainable context; thus, the question as to why you fell for her could just be the hardest one to answer.


  • Am I ready to commit?

More often than not, this question comes when we start dating and especially when we are nearing the course of marital life. With all honesty, no one else can answer the question but ourselves. We need to assess whether or not we are ready of certain future events, may it be good or bad. Know that commitment also comes with responsibilities toward your partner. It may require you to make an effort even greater than you could have imagined, but this will never matter if you truly love the person. After the self-evaluation process, spare yourself from guilt and your partner from heartache if you’re not yet ready for commitment.

  • What if it fails?

We ask this because we are too afraid to take risks and also because of indefinite uncertainties. Know that when you love, you ought to give out your best, yet not everything. There should always be more for yourself to pick up the pieces if ever it breaks. Yet, if you truly love someone, you should not be thinking of failing; rather, think of how to make it a successful and happy relationship for both of you.

We all have different approaches in love. Whatever it may be, the end goal is all the same — to love and be loved back. Take the risk and love hard because in love, everything is worth it.


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